Carlos is really an excellent Spanish tutor. He is knowledgable, funny, and always smiling. One of the best language teachers I’ve ever had, and I’ve had many. I’m lucky I found him and will continue to learn from him.


Carlos connects well with our 12 year old daughter who has had two years of Spanish at school but wanted a little extra tuition. He is responsive to her learning needs and shows great enthusiasm, making the sessions well worthwhile and fun.


Professional and enthusiastic in wanting to teach his students Spanish. I have already learned quite a bit in the past 4 classes and look forward to working with Carlos as my Spanish teacher/profesor. It’s definitely a lot of fun. So far so good, if you are looking to learn Spanish, I would highly recommend working with Carlos. Although I can speak Spanish, (not fluently), he has already helped me progress after 3 classes. He is very encouraging in helping you learn and understand the language. An hour goes by pretty quickly, which is always a sure good sign that we are learning and having fun at the same time.


Carlos is a wonderful instructor. He focuses on the critical basic building blocks so that you learn how to speak the language in the way it was intended. He is patient, enthusiastic, and encouraging. I highly recommend him as a tutor.


Yo soy alumna de spanisheasyandfast


After taking years of Spanish lessons, I have never been able to find a better teacher than Senor Carlos! He really drills in the important principles of learning the language. I look forward to having him as a teacher for years to come!


Yo soy alumno de spanisheasyandfast