I’m an enthusiastic, native and devoted Spanish Instructor with excellent communication skills demonstrated by 5 years of teaching experience. High degree of fluency in major Spanish; specializes in managing students and maximizing learning opportunities in diverse classroom settings. I love Spanish tutoring, and for me, teaching is the best job. I enjoy every bit of my job. It has its ups and downs but on the whole it’s fulfilling when you help youngsters, whose first language is not Spanish, to leave school with decent grades and know they have a future. Teaching Spanish is the best job ever. I love it. I set up an objective for each class, a method, a strategy and activities (language games) to reaffirm what you learn on each class. Extensive travel study and residence experience across Peru.

“…in the United States, there’s no question that one of the most practical options for those interested in learning a new language is Spanish. It’s the second-most spoken language in the country and the dominant tongue of many communities along the U.S.-Mexico border, South Florida and Puerto Rico. It’s the language of most of our neighboring countries in the Western Hemisphere. And it just sounds really cool…”

— huffingtonpost.com